Call For Comment

Members of the People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade,

We believe in all of us, and we believe in the power of the people to change the world. So when the status quo, which allows misery profiteers to make millions off of the sick and dying, planted a price-gouging, predatory pharmaceutical company in our backyard, we couldn’t let that lie.

NextSource Pharmaceuticals and their CEO, Robert DiCrisci, have increased the price of a life-saving drug from about $50 to $768 since 2013. We have been vocal in our opposition. We have called on local elected officials to take a stand against this behavior and to propose constructive policy solutions. We have asked for an investigation into whether this legally constitutes prohibited gouging or anti-competitive practices. State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez, State Senator Annette Taddeo, State Representative David Richardson, Miami City Commissioner Ken Russell, and Congressional District 27 candidate Michael Hepburn have all joined our condemnation of this practice, each issuing statements on social media or directly. Commissioner Russell joined our call for an investigation, and the remaining legislators have all called for policy solutions, ranging from Medicaid expansion to Federal pharmaceutical price negotiations to Medicare-For-All.

To continue our fight, we have called for a die-in tomorrow afternoon in front of NextSource CEO Robert DiCrisci’s luxury condo. Exploiting the sick and dying may just be business for him, but it’s personal for us. So we’re making sure he sees us. Apparently, he has seen us. This afternoon we received the following letter from DiCrisci’s attorney:

Hello, I am counsel to Robert DiCrisci. Apparently, Robert has become of interest to your organization as you have contacted Miami New Times to complain about him and now you are scheduling a Die-In at his residence. I am reaching out to speak to you and to set up a time for your officers to speak to Robert. Respectfully, we believe you have inaccurate information about the cancer drug that his company sells as well as the more important questions of who he is and what motivates him. Your website does not identify a person I can talk to. So, I am writing. And my cell is [redacted]. If you wish to be fair-minded about dealing with Robert instead of just calling him names in the press and asking people to die at his doorstep, than email or call me. If I do not hear form you, I will interpret your silence as having no desire to try to learn all the facts and to treat Robert fairly. And that will say a lot about your organization. I await your call.

The Board of the PPC has discussed this letter, and we would like to propose the following for your consideration: we will invite this attorney to a meeting tomorrow morning before the die-in to explain his position at an open-door meeting that you are all welcome to attend. While we do not generally believe in providing the morally bankrupt with a platform to speak, we know that we are in the right and we welcome the opportunity to demand that NextSource cease its corrupt practices in person. We will demand that NextSource return the price to pre-gouging levels. There will be no other terms, no other negotiation, no other discussion.

We invite you all to publicly discuss this. We would like to get a response to the attorney this afternoon, but we will wait for as much feedback from you as possible.